Sunday, January 11, 2009

No new recipe

Sorry, no new recipe, just a question for ya- What is with the Walgreens shopping that I hear about, I do not understand the way you shop and then get so much $ for the next trip. I've tried to find information on it, but haven't been very successful. Do you know?

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  1. We play the "grocery game" and are all about saving at Walgreens. Here is the short version. It is called register rewards. If you buy a certain amt of a certain product or brand you get coupons when you check out worth certain amts of money. For example, this week if you buy 6 GM products you get a 2 dollar coupon. A couple of week ago we got 8 dollars of coupon (like gift certificate). Another this week is if you buy 5 twelve packs of pepsi products you get 5 dollar coupon. When you do this using coupons and other discounts it is really worthwhile. Maybe this wasn't the short version :)!! Hope it is not as clear as mud. Call me if you have more questions!! Nancy Scarbrough