Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quick, Easy Meal

My secrets for quick, easy meals:

* Buy a rotissori chicken from Sams (WalMart and Kroger also have them), pull chicken off, add bbq sauce, simmer. Throw frozen fries into oven before you start tearing up the chicken and they will be done at the same time.

* Chicken from above, lettuce, any other salad toppings and salad dressing. Good! I bought this salad dressing while I was at the Biltmore for Thanksgiving. It is Parmesean Italian Dressing and it is wonderful. (you can order it online from Biltmore.com)

*Buy sausage, hamburger in bulk. Cook, drain and divide into serving sizes in freezer bags. Freeze. Just set out when needed for a recipe. I use these for: spaghetti sauce, pizzas and ugly biscuits. Makes cooking so much easier.

*Buy chicken in bulk. Cook in crock-pot all day-just add seasonings (salt, pepper,etc). Let cool and chop/shred into serving sizes in freezer bags. Freeze. Just like above meat, set out when ready to use in a recipe. I use these for: any chicken casseroles, quesadillas, and salads.

Do you have any secrets that you are willing to share?

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